Animation for Spring!

It’s April and we’re slap bang in the middle of a viral pandemic – it’s not nice, it’s unsettling, upsetting and dreadful for a lot of people. 

We all cope with these things in different ways and finding things to make you smile can help a lot!!  I hope my little animation does just that, a little bit of calm delight in a stressful time! – Vicki x

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Last year I did a bit of a gift guide so I thought I’d update it for this year!  I’m just about starting to do my shopping and thinking about what to buy who, you may be more organised than me!  To help with your lists and thoughts here’s a Miss Gregory’s Gorgeous Gifts Ideas List.


1 – For the Crafter

An amigurumi crochet kit!  My crochet kits are ideal for the crafter in your life.  As long as they know how to hold a hook and a couple of basic stitches they’ll be good to go!  I provide website support with my little video tutorials and am always happy to help with questions, I’m just a contact form or message away!

2 – A Very Special Present for New Parents

One of my crochet baby blankets will knock their socks off!  These blankets are designed with longevity in mind, they can be passed down through the generations to come.  Beautifully crocheted with gorgeous natural fibres or premium acrylic if you prefer.

3 – For the Unicorn Mad

The cutest little baby unicorn you’ll see anywhere!  Like all my amigurumi these mythical lovelies come with their own bed and blanket.

3 – For the Cat Lover

The purrfect gift for anyone who adores cats.  So so cute in their little beds! 

4 – For the Baby

A very grabbable amigurumi doll.  These loveable people are designed to fit in little hands, they are of course CE marked (so they meet the toy safety requirements like all my toys), they have no hard parts and can be popped in the washing machine when they get grubby.   

6 – For Lion Tamers 

These little lions are already tame of course but they like to play along!  Perfect for the young and the young at heart who love teeny roars.

7 – For Your Hunny Bunny

These bunnies are the most adorable, they have extra long ears which give them a lot of charm!  One of my personal favourites these are – I have a soft spot for a bunny!

8 – For Dormice Adorers

Do you know someone who loves these little critters?  They each have the sweetest little nest to curl up in and fluffy tails like a dormouse should have.

9 – For Dog Owners

Someone who has a dog really does appreciate these little sweethearts, they’re the cutest little puppies that you can tuck up in bed!  What’s not to love?

10 – For Wolfy People

These little wolf pups are just the thing for people who love the wildness of a wolf but want them cuddly like a puppy really!  Softies!

11 – For Everyone Who Needs a Friendly Ear

Kikumimi!  These are my version of a worry doll, they have enormous ears to listen to all your troubles with and each one has a lovely smile to make you feel better with too.  They come in a little bag with their special Kikumimi rhyme. 

12 – For The Fantasy Fan

A baby dragon!  These little cuties are no where near as fierce as their fantasy counterparts but really would you want that in your house?  Fab for anyone who loves Game of Thrones, The Hobbit or even Ivor the Engine!

There is even an option to personalise your gift with an added message card (see my Etsy shop for details).  I hope that’s been some help to you, I’m off now to do some shopping of my own now so here’s wishing you a fabulous Christmas!

My last order date is 17th December for UK customers and 8th December for International orders.

See you next time!

Vicki x

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Wow, My Kits Were in a Magazine!!

Anyone who follows my facebook page will already have seen this, but facebook moves so quickly I thought it’d be lovely to have it on my website too.

I was contacted by a journalist on the editorial team of Love Crochet magazine a few months ago, the lady asked me for permission to include my crochet kits in a feature she was working on.  Of course I said yes!  

I wasn’t sure anything would come of it but ordered the issue it was supposed to be in just in case, I was so so so excited when I saw it!!!  My kits in print, it’s astonishing to me, it really is ha ha!  So, I’m chuffed to bits and here’s a little video of me showing you the article.

Vicki x

Thinking About Dormice … They’re Just So Damn Cute!!

Thinking About Dormice … They’re Just So Damn Cute!!

I have two cats, they’re gorgeous, affectionate, black and white creatures of softness called Brian and Audrey.  I love them dearly but, of course, they bring in all kinds of little mice, shrews, voles, etc… dead ones sadly – it’s not good!!!  It got me to thinking about my amigurumi dormice, luckily my cats haven’t presented me with any dormice!  

The dormice I make are one of my favourite amigurumi to crochet, they make me smile so much when I’ve embroidered their cute little noses on and added a teeny mouth. 

    amigurumi mouse looking out of the window

I started making them as a secondary thing to the nest really, the nest came first as an idea and the mouse came after, then it had to be a dormouse!!  I know my dormice are not like the real thing, especially when I make them out of turquoise yarn ha ha!  I have given them quite large round ears and, more like a real dormouse, an actual fluffy tail!


I have a grey one sitting on my desk right now, he’s looking at me in a friendly kind of way as if to say ‘I really like hanging out with you!’ and ‘just don’t let those cats in, ok?’ No chance!  You’re safe here with me little fella!

There are some dormice in my Etsy shop right now if you fancy treating yourself or someone you know, I can say that they make superb desk companions and have heard they’re great pocket toys too.

Vicki x

Did you know that if you order more than one item from my Etsy shop you don’t get charged a penny more for shipping?

That’s right, you only pay the postage and packaging for one item, additional items go free!

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Introducing Miss Gregory’s Gorgeous Dragons! 

My new range of cute amigurumi creatures, they come in three different colours, traditional green, welsh red and gorgeous gold, they live in an egg – of course they do!

These are baby dragons so haven’t fully grown everywhere yet, they have little wing buds, just sprouting and aren’t spewing fire just yet either!


They started out life as a badly drawn sketch – all my sketches are awful!!

Fallen in love?  You’ll find these in my Etsy shop so you can keep one of your very own smile