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Amigurumi Kits Part 2

Hello!! I made a video of what you'll find inside my brand new amigurumi kits!  This one features my amigurumi dog.  And here it is!   I am planning on doing some more videos - hopefully of me making them.  I quite fancy doing a stop...

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New Amigurumi Kits!

I'm about ready to launch my amigurumi kits, these are larger versions of my little amigurumi made using chunky yarn and a 4mm hook so much easier to make than my little fiddly ones. Here are the contents, everything you need to make an amigurumi dog:      The...

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Christmas Round Up!

December is marching on!  I've not finished doing my Christmas shopping yet have you? As it's cold and I'm snowed in today my best bet is some on-line gift shopping, I do enjoy being able to shop from the comfort of my sofa! Just in case you haven't finished shopping...

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