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Christmas Round Up!

December is marching on!  I've not finished doing my Christmas shopping yet have you? As it's cold and I'm snowed in today my best bet is some on-line gift shopping, I do enjoy being able to shop from the comfort of my sofa! Just in case you haven't finished shopping...

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What’s Next?

The school summer holidays are very nearly done now, it's been lovely having my two boys around so much but I'm now thinking about what's next in my business. I have a pile of fabric, all sorted out into colour combinations, sitting in a pile ready to be made up into...

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Amigurumi Lion and a Wolf!

I had a couple of custom orders recently that have led me to expand my range of amigurumi unexpectedly! I was all set to design a unicorn (which I still plan to do) when I was asked to create a Lion for a first birthday present and a Wolf for a lady who wanted a...

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New Personalised Cards

[youtube] Hello! Those of you that follow me on Facebook will know that I've just launched a new concept in my Etsy shop - personalised cards to go with my little amigurumi.  It struck me that a gift means so much more when...

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Amigurumi Dogs!

Not long ago I added some little dogs to my small collection of amigurumi.  It seems that my design process starts off in my head, I then draw a, usually very bad, picture of what I have in mind and then start working out how to crochet it. Here is an unconstructed...

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Getting Ready for Wonderwool Wales 2017

I'm lucky enough to be sharing a stand with Powys Creative again this year at Wonderwool Wales. It's very exciting, especially as I haven't seen most of the people I'm sharing with since last year!! The last couple of months I've been busying away trying to get enough...

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