New Design

New Design

Those of you that follow me on Facebook will have already seen my new crocheted toy design. If not here it is again!!



The first one is a prototype and the second is one I have made for my youngest son, my eldest has already ordered one in assorted colours!

I came up with the idea for these from playing computer games when I was younger (don’t have time now!) I love the little characters that you find in Japanese games they’re so sweet, these are particularly inspired from a game called Katamari Damacy, the little characters all have different shaped heads and features. Now I know that my design looks nothing like these and that’s good as they are heavily copyrighted! But inspiration has to come from somewhere right?

Once I’ve tested this design to the Toy Safety Regulations and the relevant parts of BS EN71 I can give it a CE mark and start on some different head shapes to add to the series.

I also found out that I’ve been crocheting these inside out! Doh! The things you find out! – the next one I’m trying the right way out which I think will look nicer.

It’s all learning, which is all good. (well I think so anyway xx)

Time to Get Sorted!

Time to Get Sorted!

Christmas is finally over, New Year celebrations done – looks like it’s time to get back to it!

I have quite a list too:

  • Make some stock for the two shops that I supply
  • Make some sock toys for a new customer
  • Sort out that cupboard full of fabric bits and bobs!
  • Work on my amigurumi design and test it against the Toy Safety Regulations to CE mark it.
  • Test more sock toy designs for CE marking
  • Make more stock for my Folksy shop which has nothing in it at all!!
  • Make stock

Ha ha!  These are not in any particular order and I’ve already mentally added to this list.  Please note that housework does not feature, I’m trying not to think about that!

Before Christmas I made some presents for my family and friends’ children, I haven’t been able to show them before.  So here are some of them now:

Blogging Starts Here!

Blogging Starts Here!


Well, here it is – my new blog hosted by WordPress.

I’m still trying to get my old website address from Yola transferred over, but I deleted my account before changing the bits I should have – doh!

This is just a test blog really, I’m still working on the appearance and stuff like that.

Today my family and I went to the Elan valley to have a walk about and get the cobwebs blown out after being stuck indoors for the last few days – it was soooo windy – very exciting battling our way towards the reservoir overflow with rain stinging our faces, then being pushed along by the wind all the way back – that did the trick!