On Monday afternoon the sun was shining in our part of mid wales just like most of the UK. I decided now was a good time to do some quick planting in the garden. Quick job? They never are, are they?

We¬†managed to pop some sunflower seeds in pots in the greenhouse quick enough, but I then saw the state of the veg patch! It had been trampled somewhat, I can’t rely on my children not to really (nor my other half!). Actually it wasn’t as compacted as I first feared, so after sending the children off to play I sorted it out. After raking out the weeds and larger stones (is it a stone? Have I unearthed another cat poo again? I hate that!) I was ready to make some little holes for the onion sets.

While I was doing that I spent some time shouting ‘Be Nice!’, ‘Stop that!’ and ‘Don’t’. They do play nicely sometimes, honest!

Eventually the holes were ready and my boys – Ivor and Wilf – helped me plant the onion sets and tuck them in safe and sound (until the cat decides to dig them up and replace them with cat eggs that is!). Hurrah!

The garden is very uninspiring at the moment so here’s a picture of a sunflower we grew last year instead: