I have two cats, they’re gorgeous, affectionate, black and white creatures of softness called Brian and Audrey.  I love them dearly but, of course, they bring in all kinds of little mice, shrews, voles, etc… dead ones sadly – it’s not good!!!  It got me to thinking about my amigurumi dormice, luckily my cats haven’t presented me with any dormice!  

The dormice I make are one of my favourite amigurumi to crochet, they make me smile so much when I’ve embroidered their cute little noses on and added a teeny mouth. 

    amigurumi mouse looking out of the window

I started making them as a secondary thing to the nest really, the nest came first as an idea and the mouse came after, then it had to be a dormouse!!  I know my dormice are not like the real thing, especially when I make them out of turquoise yarn ha ha!  I have given them quite large round ears and, more like a real dormouse, an actual fluffy tail!


I have a grey one sitting on my desk right now, he’s looking at me in a friendly kind of way as if to say ‘I really like hanging out with you!’ and ‘just don’t let those cats in, ok?’ No chance!  You’re safe here with me little fella!

There are some dormice in my Etsy shop right now if you fancy treating yourself or someone you know, I can say that they make superb desk companions and have heard they’re great pocket toys too.

Vicki x

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